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Request bulk order / OEM Realize all the items you think!

Tebah can supply you all items you want. Tebah has China's local factory network and 20 years of experience about China trade, which can do meticulous production handling and quality maintenance. We have been supplying the satisfactory products thorough supply and trading system. You don't need to worry when you ask Tebah to import(export) as proxy. Tebah handles directly the entire production process in China until a final receipt.

Procedures for production supply / ordering procedure

1. Fill out the order
creation request form
After signing in, fill out an order
creation request form for the desired product.
2. Primary feedback
After the reception, we check the production information through the
first consultation about the production information.
* Within 24 hours of receipt date
3. Offer a estimate
We provide you with an estimate
after investigating based on the information you uploaded at Tebah.
4. Secondary feedback
After confirming the estimate,
you can request additional
adjustments and re-estimate.
5. Order production progress
Tebah carries out sampling or
production according to the final confirmed information.
6. Delivery progress
(According to the progress conditions) After completion of production,
we send the products to the place
where you want.